We love seeing you achieve your goals!


The object of AJM Music is to provide students young and old with a high standard of musical skills in a friendly environment.

Classes are designed to build confidence and encourage students to excel in their skills of their chosen instrument/instruments.  

Performance plays another important role within the school and regular performance opportunities are provided. Participation in these events gives the students valuable stage experience in turn enhancing their quality of performance.

Exams are also available through AJM Music.

We see music as a personal journey to be enjoyed at whatever level students wish to participate and all activities (i.e. Exams and live performances) are optional.

Classes available in Guitar, Piano, Drums & Ukulele.


Mon 9am-2pm, Tues—Fri from 8am – 8pm & Sat from 9am – 5pm

For further information, please contact us on (07) 54 784 858.